Life-size Fiberglass Bull Statues.

Realistic styling.


What more could you want?

We carry life size plastic bull statues, made entirely of fiberglass.  Call now to order your plastic bull/fiberglass bull statue.  If you are looking for a bull statue or a bull monument, you’ve come to the right place.  Our fiberglass bull figurine is very realistic and can be painted in any breed; charolais, herford, angus, semintal…  the choice is yours.  Don’t delay.  Get your plastic or fiberglass bull statue today.

Life-size proportions.

Perfectly sized for visibility and impact.  This fiberglass bull looks great and catches the eye.  Large enough to be easily noticed, but not so big that it looks out of place.  Realistic styling means that this bull simply looks right.  Approximate dimensions: 9 ft long; 5 ft high; 3 ft wide




For pricing, orders or other information, contact Ken at (204) 436-2323 or send us an email at questions@plasticbulls.com

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Durable construction.

Built using 2 layers of strong fiberglass matting and catalyst hardened resin, these bulls are built to stand the test of time.  Impervious to the elements, you have no need to fear rain, wind or snow.  After over 30 years of marketing across North America, not one has been returned or replaced.  We stand behind our product.

Lightweight flexibility.

At around 125 lbs, weight won’t be an issue when you want to move it around or permanently mount it to a base.  Make it an enduring fixture on yard sign or business.  Temporarily remove it to bring to a show or use on a parade float.  With its low weight, the choice is yours.



Great stability.

Cast into each foot is a carbon steel mounting plate with ½” mounting holes.  Bolt it to your choice of base, and since the mounts are integrated into the bull, you’ll never have to worry about losing this member of your herd.  Strong.  Simple.  Designed to work.

Finishing touches.

You wouldn’t settle for flaking paint on anything, and this is no exception.  These bulls are built with a quality gelcoat bonded directly to the fiberglass substrate.  Use as a quality basecoat and have your bull painted to your liking or leave it as is for a uniform, semi-gloss finish.  The gelcoat shell will never blister, fade or peel.


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